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Congratulations on taking the first step on your journey to wellness. On this site you will be able to learn how well4life can help you take control of your eating, exercise, lifestyle and mindset - all on your schedule. The commitment is up to you, the support is up to well4life.

Change your weight. Change your life.

Get The Facts.

Know Your Numbers

Know Your Numbers — True and long term health comes from not only knowing the number on the scale, but understanding how your body is working inside. Your body is a complex and integrated system—and until you understand the whole picture, you can not be successful.

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Ready. Set. Go!


GoWell — This 8-week introductory, action oriented series is modeled after the wellness triangle concept: nutrition, physical activity and stress reduction. GoWell provides the information that will serve as the foundation for your success.

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Back to Basics.


LearnWell — LearnWell offers you a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge about healthy eating and continues to guide you toward healthy behaviors that will last a lifetime.

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Keep It Going.


StayWell — Reaching your weight and wellness goals is a huge success. Now the journey begins to keep yourself moving and true to your new lifestyle. Through support groups, maintenance tracking and online access — you will be more successful, for the long term.

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What’s In It For Me? I Want...

To Be Healthy.

To Be Healthy.

Overall health isn’t just about the number on the scale. It’s knowing your numbers (blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, and more), understanding what your obstacles are and then approaching them all with your team by your side.

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To Lose Weight.

To Lose Weight.

We all want, or need, to lose some weight, but actually doing it for life is our biggest challenge. Now there is a program created and led by a team of specialists that will customize a program for you.

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To Receive Guidance and Support.

To Receive Guidance and Support.

The journey to true wellness and weight loss is hard. You start off energized and ready to conquer this once and for all, but at some point you hit a wall. Now you will have access to coaches and support, 24 hours a day-7 days a week.

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To Be a Better Role Model.

To Be a Better Role Model.

Being a parent is the greatest joy in the world – but it is also the hardest role we play. Our children look to us more than we may realize and unfortunately our bad habits will rub off on them and affect the course of their lives.

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To Start This Journey.

To Start This Journey.

By working with and committing to thewell4life team, the energy and enthusiasm you feel right now will empower you to be the healthy, energetic person that you’ve always known you can be!

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By committing to the well4life program, the energy and enthusiasm you feel right now will empower you to be the healthy, energetic person that you’ve always known you can be!

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